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for-the-love-of-jily asked:

Do you have a blog Hopelight recommendation list? At the insistence of my friend I watched the three games on youtube, at first out of boredom but soon out of real interest. I've never played XIII but I feel like I'm in love with the Hopelight ship and want to find more people who fully support the pairing and post good content about them. Can you help me out?


Heck yes I can :D


This is just off the top of my head, but I know I follow a bunch of people who adore them, so feel free to comment/like if I missed you :D

Ohh, thank you for mentioning me here, but…how come?! :D LOL

I know you, follow and love you ever since I’m on tumblr XD!!

It’s just surprising if somebody recommend my blog to follow, who not following me, that’s all! :)

At the moment I don’t recommend myself to follow by anybody, my posted hopelight content doesn’t even reach the desirable level of the fans taste… :|

hopelight fandom &Me at the moment:

Already finished Noragami vol.7….

It’s just not fair, no more translations yet on mangafox…>.<

I like it! Not in a LOVE like way, but it’s quite fun! :)

Yato’s heavenly style, dorky god in a stinky jersey, LOL!

If I must ranking them by liking, then Yato, Yukine, Kazuma(yepp, like him a lot) Hiyori in this order.

BTW Hiyori, I think she is a bit too flat character, even the story is envolve around her, as an indicator in Yato’s and Yukine’s life, she is somehow poorly developed… There is her fanatic love for combat sports, and she herself also capable to do this and that, but most of the time she turning to be a ‘damsel in distress’-‘moe’-‘don’t fight you hurt yourself’ average schoolgir-type, and it’s ‘supposed-to-be-hardcore’ side is supressed -_-… I wonder if this will changen in the future!

Maybe that’s why I like more Yukine’s plot, he is an anoying brat at the begining, but he nicely overcome on that.

Yato! It seems it’s true, the person who laughs the loudest, have the bigest pain in their heart…TT.TT

The strange thing, I dont have any shippy-feeling! And it’s a relief somehow! There was some teasing and fanservice moment, but I like ith how it works in a different way than cliche shoujo-romances.I never liked obvious romances too much, so if the story ever develops that way, be it! But until than, the happy-little-family-feeling is there, and that’s sweet!

Ugh, that’s why I hate reading ongoing mangas……

Now I should watch the anime!!



From now on I stop reblogging things here! I enjoyed to be a part of some fandoms, the ‘one-click rebloggings’, but it lasted ‘till today! Please understand my descision, I’m bored to be just some rebloggable material source, even I know a lot of you followed me only because of that!!


If I post something in the future, that will be only personal and selfmade fanart! I know, only a few people like my art, and even more few who think it’s worth to repost it, but this is my choice! I consider myself as an artist, and scrolling down on tumblr takes too much time from my creative life!

I appreciate all of those peoples love, who gave me any, whoes also liked my work! They’re the battery, gave me power to being more creative, and I eternaly thankful for their support!!

Luv Ya ALL!!


This blog was on a hiatus for a while, and even I asked the folowers for help, the response was minimal.

Thank you for that one-two person who tried! <3 Out of the 136!

So I’ll be there, but no more rebloggs!


Please feel free to push the UNFOLLOW button, and thank you for followed me ever since!

I no use for you anymore! :)

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