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Dear  Undesirablehell!

I’m confident about a lot of thing, and no one can force me to think otherwise… unless they’re right, with a proof!
And all you can do is to try to personally offend me instead… how uncool.

O.o; You really DO think I’m GOD!!

Not too far from the reality tho… :d
I just hope you will get your oh-so-desired anon hate for this! Probably the only fuel you can have„,

vaniile asked:

You are seriously not helping by being immature about this whole situation. Do you realize that before she deactivated, she got a death threat? Somebody literally told her and other VH/NH shippers to kill themselves. And yet you're acting like it's all fun and games... You should have a little more sympathy :\ I understand that you don't like her, but I know if I were you I would ultimately feel sorry for her.

It wouldn’t be easy for you to write me this normaly, because I know you don’t like me very much. Still thanks you tried! :)
Yeah, I’m immature sometimes, but I posted it personal, and didn’t tagged that, it was only my personal blog!!! /if others can use that as an excuse, so am I !/

Hate mails, death threads are…like everyday things on tumblr… that’s why I don’t use anon ask, because I had some before! Ah, you didn’t realized that?!

I feel sorry about that blogger because that anon hate thing, but please, don’t victimize her and take the blame on me. /btw I heard from that stupid new tumblr tagging system with the first time recently… if this is true, tumblr is in real trouble/.
This way you support the idea, the re-hate justifies haters acts, if a hater feel themself ashamed and forced to leave…!

This was her post, what I found “hoperai tagged”
She just wanted to kick into the fandom for a last, just because things are didn’t turned out that way, how she wanted!
I don’t hate her, I pity her… Fandom can blame me by mocking haters sometimes (at last I do it openly, not like a coward gray-face…), but fandom’s fault to make people rather being comfortable to sharing hate, than having fun!

So please, carefully with the blaming and victimizing, because that’s the real immaturity! The “fun and game” is the way how I dealing to get shit in general in this fandom, most of the time!

ASK policity on this blog

Because of reasons, I change the reply system on my blog! :)

Lot of people probably already noticed, there is no anon-ask!

The reason: people without good manner are offen use this form to trying to insult the bloggers facelessly. I’m not an exception either! //I’ve got hate males, death threads before, but I just deleted them without reply anyway!//

Most of the ask will be public, so you should prepare yourselves, anything you ask, will be visible for my followers, or time-to-time I will tag it! Not a new thing, other bloggers are do this all the time.

You can request me to answer privately, if you wanna ask someting! , but only with non-offending messages. The repeatedly rude, spamming askers are will be banned. Or their name and messages are will be publicized, if they going to extremes…!

I hope I made my points clear! :)

Asking is still welcome, nice and curious people have no fear from my ‘mocking’ style! I reserve that for the lowlifes!!

test-blog-4-themes asked:

Well... Maybe people would contact you if you weren't so vicious with personal posts. If you tag and bring attention, that's what people see. The fact you're only getting messages when you rant is because they probably fear you'll publicize everything and embarrass them. I have nothing to lose. Though I do find it funny you said "people", yet I'm the only one who asked and you publicized. And I wasn't attacking you, so don't get defensive. I know you're a person behind a blog, I'm not stupid.

Oh, and I think she left because she got an anon telling her to kill herself. So after that things spiraled out of control. I think you publishing everything publically and embarrassing her made her decide to leave. And most of her posts weren’t tagged. I didn’t see any arguments on her blog outside of the one with you. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

//*I’m gonna answer your second message’s last part privately… it’s too disturbing to post it on public, because you probably get a lot of hate for that… how could you even think about that…//

See, I knew you will find my answer! think…so you don’t have a proof for what you’re saying!
And you sill come and start to blame me because a tumblr user left her blog.
Why was a simple response is defensive to you? I wasn’t rude, just explained things! If you don’t understand, blame is not mine.
You didn’t asked privacy directly (others did; or it was a too short/neutral response to post it)… and why do you ask something from a stranger, when the fact, YOU asked it, could embarrass you in public?!(you say ‘people’, but clearly it’s about you!…)

You probably know a lot more about her earlier situation, than me.You called her a troll in your previous message, when you know and care about her…(follower or friend maybe?)
I didn’t mentioned names in my first post… why is she messaged me then, if she wasn’t awared, her UNTAGGED post shows up under the hoperai tag??? O.o;
I never contact her, if she didn’t wrote me first, btw!
I heard about that weird tumblr system just recently, what made innocent bloggers untagged /hate/ posts visible, under fandom tags, what also accidentaly became visible for everybody, not just for me!
Her post wasn’t private at all, I don’t know what’s so hard to understand on that. If I don’t tag my post, it’s only appears on my blog’s dash and my followers dash this way. Normaly no search poins on that post… if tumblr screwed that…

I’m really sorry you don’t have a chance to ask this in anon mode… :d

He is soo cute

…and polite, and smart and wise, sensible and have a good heart! He handling girls like equals, and also a good listener! He laughs on my jokes wholeheartedly, teasing me with nice things, praising my personality points…curious about my taste of music, the food I eat,  my life habits… my hobbies… /And I do the same with him :d/

He looks so confident and courageous, but when he is close to me, he became shy and a bit confused… and the way his eyes are sparkling when he smiling at me!

He want to be the part of my life by offering to joining into the activities I do… he isn’t forceful, I think he knows what’s he doing… he’s handle me carefully, patiently… takes his time to know me better, to let me know him better!

He is a bit younger… and a bit shorter (have a very nice build tho), and he is a little heart-broken…. I can feel it, he experienced some deep sadness in his life by the way he talks sometimes…

I don’t know, if this is love yet… it’s different… It’s a comfortable feeling, when he is around me, like we don’t need to hold ourselves back…like we are… partners already!
We know each other like.. a week period…*-*

test-blog-4-themes asked:

I don't want to intervene, and I used to follow your deviantart because of your Hoperai stuff... But why are you feeding a troll (natalis-orbis)? I've noticed you guys have been posting some incredibly rude stuff about one another and I just checked and their blog is gone. Well, I guess it's your blog, but with their stuff and your retaliation, it's kinda ugly. And if you publish this publically, I won't see it because you're not on my follows list.

She was fighting for against ships and shippers probably for a while before she wrote her things for me. Our “relation” is only that long /2-3 message/, what you can see on my blog. Honestly, I posted my replies public with her because she was incredibly rude with people in genertal, not only with me, and I pointed out on that…

If you think, she left tumblr because of me, you’re more than wrong… even the screencapped post says she wanted to leave and delete blog, I don’t know about the details!

She resposned on my anti-hater post  ‘inocently’, like she nothing to do with the topic, calling me on names, etc, etc. She deserved a little lesson, to let people know how she acts behind publicity. I have zero tolerance for that attitude, btw!

You know, I’m a person behind a blog, I’m not a machine who feelinglesly post and reblog for only others entetainment, and it’s makes me upset, that people only contact me, when I post some personal thing/opinion on my blog, what makes them uncomfortable…

Just to understand my situation a bit more:

If I gonna start to name my blog to -is-a-#&@#&@#&@ to embarrass you, I probably make you angry, and you could have every reason to hate me, and deffend yourself against harassment etc. etc. /I’ll never do that!! /

I think I handled the situation quite well…with sarcastic humor.

I have nothing to hide, I openly respond for you on my blog, you probably visit it anyway!

And it’s not a wrong thing to let people know, what I’m dealing with! :)

Because it’s a blog. And it’s running by a living blogger!

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